Results " Test Pack " Positive , Why Not Pregnant ?

Posted on Thursday, October 31, 2013

TOPIC: Results " Test Pack " Positive , Why Not Pregnant ?


Doctors who are friendly , I 've been married for 2 months . Yesterday I already felt the signs of pregnancy and testpack results were positive , but unfortunately that one is a clear red color slightly pink doctor . Then after a week of testing it I get a docktor menstruation and menstrual blood clot that was like so doctors , it hurt really. My doc actually confused me was pregnant or not and what dirt menstrual disease doctor ?
Alissa ( 20 years)


Dear mother Alissa ,
When the late period is 1-2 weeks we should be careful . Positive test pack can indeed be interpreted pregnant . But then when there is bleeding , miscarriage or indeed likely are not pregnant . This is possible due to hormonal influences . Mother noticed the symptoms , if bleeding much better mother to the doctor to confirm the diagnosis . But when the mother was not bothered then monitored only, complaint will preclude later . As an indicator of bleeding was normal , then the cycle will come menstruation mother will again . Thank you .

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