Bartolini gland swelling in the Genital Organs

Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Topics"  Bartolini gland swelling in the Genital Organs


Doctor in my Bartolini gland ( the gland Bartolini far as I know that a location with urine exit the doctor ? ) Often grow when I consume food air- MSG.

First ever reach the abscess and rupture . At that time, to sit down and sliding way too painful . Now there is no more pain press but so often growing up. If the condition that I become easily tired recurrence . Previously he had consulted my doctor allergic to MSG . Actually what causes and how to fix it doctor?
Tattiana ( 20 yrs)

Bartolin gland is a gland located in the vaginal area and work to make lubricating the vaginal area . In certain circumstances , may be due to the body's resistance is decreased , there was an infection that can clog the gland and ultimately enlargement of the gland .

For it may be in medicines or small operations . It can further back again , then the vaginal area clean and good body resistance is very required to prevent further swelling of the glands Bartolin . Bartolini gland swelling in the Genital Organs.

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