Miscarriage, Enough Cleaned with drugs?

Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"topics" Miscarriage, Enough Cleaned with drugs?


Good day doctor, I want to ask. I had a miscarriage "bleeding" and I also had to see a doctor. I was given medication to remove or clean up the blood that remains in the womb. It's been 3 days I am still bleeding after taking the drug. The question I am, what I have to do a curette to clean it or not? Thank you.

Detri (25 yrs)


Dear mother Detri,

Drug delivery to clean up the rest of miscarriage is usually given in cases of spontaneous abortion. So no action is required curettage. Drugs generally given for 3-5 days. But if still bleeding, then it will be followed by curettage action. I hope to answer the question.

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